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1. I am seeking permission to roleplay as a fallen angel, giving this character all the fallen angel privileges, named Asmodeus, "Angus". Asmodeus likes to use the name "Angus", since he's worried that the name Asmodeus would cause suspicion around him. Asmodeus looks like a 34 year old man.
Thanks to his physical perfection, he likes to dress as fancy as it gets at fancy places, normally, just like a dark and gloomy person. Asmodeus' wings are huge and dark, with the quantity of 6, his eyes chalk white and iris dark as the night in Finland. Asmodeus' personality varies alot, but mostly his personality is pointing towards neuroticism. Asmodeus is usually and quite often mistaken for a vampire.

2. No specific reason, just got inspired to roleplay as a fallen angel. Because hell, they're cool as fuck. And, if needed I am willing to get rid of John Sin, my mutant (Like he gets caught and executed?), or Neve.

3. Here we go again, hardest question of them all. Well, as I mentioned in section 1, my characters personality varies alot. This means, he can be sad and depressed for a week, and for another week happy and glad. Even though he would be happy and glad, he would still have this neuroticismic, gloomy expressions.

4. As I mentioned in section 1, my character would have all the privileges of a fallen angel. But he's more of a combatant than a magician. This doesn't mean he wouldn't use magic.
Buut.. He does have a personal sword that he reinforced himself with the help of dark ethereal powers.
So, about this sword, it has its runes and its own powers. Basically, the runes on the blade are just markings that it is ethereal. But, the red crimson eye in the hilt of the sword, allows him to move from Angarth's dimension into hell's dimension. (More info in the 7th section).

5. Now.. A fallen angel.. To be honest, I don't know any reasonable limitations for a fallen angel, to think they were once archangels, I would imagine they're limitations are too damn high.

6. Now this is obvious, holy power.

7. Asmodeus was once a very respected (arch)angel in the heavens, having the mission from god to purify and bring salvation to the darkest of beings on earth. But he managed to sin on a mission, slaughtering hundreds and hundreds of people. He got executed from the heavens, thrown into the cruel place known earth. And as a reminder of his sins, his wings turned black and dirty.
About the sword ; This sword, known as Tyrhung, was forged in heavens. He  was given to the sword a crimson red eye, that matched Asmodeus' light, giving him the ability to travel to earth from heaven, or from heaven to earth, with ease. But, they made a mistake in the heavens (if possible) and made it match his light, but now that he's a corrupted and dark fallen angel, this eye matched his darkness. This made the eye's ability reverse, making the sword creating a portal to hell.

Oh yeah, pictures
Tyrhung ;
Asmodeus ;

Viimeinen muokkaaja, Jerry pvm Ke Tammi 21 2015, 12:59, muokattu 5 kertaa

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Jerryllä yhä lupa kirjoittaa hakemukset englanniksi, jotta ne olisi edes joskus selkeää luettavaa. Katellaan huomenna paremmin!

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